Netflix Party


How To Host Netflix Party

The best way for binge-watchers to spend time with their binge-watcher friends is to stream Netflix together, isn’t it? However, what to do if you are all apart by distance and can’t watch Netflix together? Host a Netflix Party! Netflix Party is a free and user-friendly tool that lets you enjoy Netflix videos in sync with anyone around the world. Hence, the distance doesn’t matter anymore, and you can throw amazing watch parties.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the delectable features of the dish called Netflix party on a hot plate. Therefore, as far as enjoyment is concerned, you all will be swamped because of this new-age streaming method. However, how to host Netflix party? You’ll get to know in this blog.

Furthermore, this tool provides seamless sync in all your Netflix watch parties and keeps the sync in your videos intact. Even while the host of the watch party forwards, rewinds, or pauses the video, you all will be on the same page. In addition to this, the distance does not matter with the Netflix party. Hence, you can be at the same watch party even if you are in different countries. Therefore, let’s start talking about all the features and how to host Netflix party.



Netflix party is effortless to use extension which can be used anywhere in the world. However, it enables you to create a unique virtual watch party with your distant loved ones. Therefore, if you want to have fun virtually with your friends to spend some quality time despite the miles, you must install the Netflix party extension. Thus, follow the quick and straightforward steps to download the Netflix party extension to your device and know how to host Netflix party.

Firstly, download the free Netflix party extension from the official Chrome web store. Moreover, you require either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to install this extension. Furthermore, this extension is compatible with macOS, Windows, Chromebooks, or Computers.
The next step is to pin the extension icon to the toolbar. Therefore, you will notice the extension icon in your toolbar, which you need to pin. If you don’t see the icon there, click on the puzzle icon in the top right corner and pin it there.
Next, please visit Netflix on your browser and log in to your individual Netflix account. Moreover, please remember that you need your separate Netflix subscription for creating a Netflix watch party.
Now, search for your favorite video or anything that you want to enjoy on Netflix with your friends. Thereafter, play the video.

Finally, it’s time to host a Netflix party with your loved ones. Therefore, click on the extension icon “Netflix Party” so a small pop-up named “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” will display in front of you. Next, there will be a button called “START A PARTY,” which you need to click. Moreover, it will generate an invitation link. Hence, now you know how to host Netflix party.

Now, you need to share the invitation link of the watch party with the people you want at the watch party. Thus, just copy and share the invitation link with everyone. However, please know that only the people who have this link can join the Netflix party. Hence, it is entirely secure.
Now that you know how to host Netflix party, you must also know how to join one, right? Therefore, you need to download and pin the extension to join a watch party. Next, you are required to sign in to your separate Netflix subscription and then click on the invitation link. You will reach the most amazing Netflix watch party of your life by doing so.


These were the precise and straightforward steps to use and host a Netflix party. Therefore, we guarantee that you will not face any issues if you follow these immediate steps carefully. Moreover, it is advised to share this blog with people you want at the watch party to learn how to join the watch party. Hence, we conclude this blog hoping that now you know how to host Netflix party. Happy streaming.