Netflix Party

Netflix Party

is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Stream Entertainment Together At Netflix Party

Want to enjoy fun streaming with distant friends? Netflix Party has everything you are looking for. Netflix Party is a perfect extension to stream favorite videos and movies in sync with friends who live far away. We understand that friends are stress busters, and one needs nothing when they enjoy friends’ company around. Now you can watch Netflix with your friends in perfect sync for a marathon of movies. This free extension lets you host or join watch parties to enjoy the best moments with close ones. This means you can watch any Netflix show or movie for free with a group of friends and family. Therefore, let’s have a look below and know more about the features of the extension.

How To Host Netflix Party

This user-friendly extension lets users enjoy and create fun moments while watching thousands of Netflix movies in groups. If there are no more extended fun moments left in your life and you are looking forward to hanging out with friends to create more, here is the best way to stay connected with them even remotely. Let’s explore its uses:

 To enjoy this fantastic featured extension, you need its availability in your system. Click Here to download the extension, but you can only have the extension either through Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on your device. Moreover, it supports Chromebook, macOS, Windows, or Computer. 

Add The Extension To The Toolbar: Now, kindly pin the extension to the toolbar. Once you download the extension in your system, then you must be watching an “ICON” placed next to the browser’s toolbar. Then, click on the “extension’s icon” located in the top-right corner of the address bar.

Log In To Your Netflix Account: Open Netflix and login to your official Netflix account. Keep in note that you need your own Netflix subscription to enjoy the watch party seamlessly.

Search, Select, Play in Sync: Once you log in to your Netflix account, you should now search for the video you want to create a watch party for and play it. 

 Click on the “ICON” located in the right at the toolbar of your browser. Then, a window named “Create a watch party” will open. You will see a “Start A Party” button on this window; click on it. Now, you will get an invitation URL to share with your desirable participants of the watch party. You need to copy this URL and share it with those you want at your Watch Party. You have to ensure that all the members you want to enjoy a movie party with must have their separate subscription on Netflix.


First, you need Netflix Party Extension in your system to start the procedure. Once you install it, you can pin it to the toolbar. Then, click on the URL shared by one of your friends who will host a Netflix Watch Party. This click will redirect you to your Netflix account; log in to your official Netflix account by adding the required information. Make sure that you have your own subscribed Netflix account, including the host and all the participants of the group watch party. Once you are done with log in to it, now you have entered the existing Watch Party. Have fun with all the members and enhance your movie experience with the incredible group chat feature.

Netflix Party lets you control the party by the “Only I Have Control” feature. We know that all the movie freaks are going to love this feature as you have complete authority to play, pause, forward and rewind any Netflix video. Also, you don’t need to have any prior permission to adjust the streaming as per your mood and interest. Once you select the “ONLY, I HAVE CONTROL” button, and it will turn green, it’s done here. On the other hand, if you don’t want control over your watch party, deselect it and move forward. 

Enjoy the most fantastic feature of Netflix by streaming any of your favorite shows or movies in HD video quality. This extension lets you host a watch party to enjoy any Netflix videos with long-distance friends in fantastic video quality. It provides fast buffering for seamless streaming, which will force you to increase your fixed party time.

This excellent feature is there, which indeed brings a smile to your face. This group chat feature has a natural flow of sharing the views and excitement of the party. You can show how amazing the last scene was in letters, which keeps the enthusiasm the same till the last. Also, you can reach through fun emojis on your friends’ messages and add more fun to the watch party. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Netflix Party is a free extension that lets users stream their favorite videos in sync with HD quality. Anyone around the world can have a virtual meeting and enjoy the same streaming together. 

Not at all, this user-friendly extension is completely free, and you can download it without paying anything. 

Enjoy as long as you want, and there is no time limit when you enjoy being together. Arrange everlasting binge-watching with friends, and don’t let the entertainment stop at any cost. However, you and your co-watchers need their smooth Netflix subscription to enjoy unique Netflix features free of cost.